North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Self Portrait Enrichment Club

Children have been honing their drawing techniques this half-term in our portrait enrichment club, producing some wonderful pieces of work in pencil, charcoal and oil pastels. We definitely have a few budding Rembrandts and Frida Kahlos!

Dove class transition

The year 2s spent a couple of days in Dove class with their new classmates and we investigated the topic of endangered species. Children worked in teams to produce PowerPoints and collages of their animal, and then we voted on which animal we will sponsor with the WWF. The winner was the polar bear!

KS2 Football Tournament Finals!

This afternoon saw the top four teams compete to win the tournament, and it was a thrilling watch. The final between the Platy Players and the Stripes even went down to penalties, which was just as exciting as the England game this week! Eventually, the Platy Players were victorious, despite only just making the final four on goal difference; a true underdog victory! Well done to all the children for competing over the last few weeks. It was fantastic to see such sportsmanship and teamwork develop, and we even have some football converts! Thank you also to the parents who came to support, it made it even more of an event for the children.

Just a quick note about the children’s footie shirts: they need to be dry-ironed before washing so that the fabric paint doesn’t ruin your other clothes!

KS2 Football Tournament kicks off!!

The past week, Lion and Dove classes have been designing their team emblems and screen printing their logos onto their football shirts, ready for the first matches today. Excitement was at fever-pitch as the first matches took place this afternoon, with the Sharks facing the King Cobras and the Platy Players up against the Lion Riders! We’ll keep you updated as the tournament progresses..

Art in Dove class

We’ve been working on different shading techniques and experimenting with tone in art today. Here are just some of the fantastic pieces they produced! Do encourage them to keep practising at home; they’re fast learning that art is never ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, and that anything can be improved using different techniques to re-work it.

Volcano Science

Doves had a go at making their own volcanic eruptions today, as part of our geography focus this term. We learnt about lava flows and pyroclastic flows, and made the classroom stink of vinegar as a result!

Drama workshop

Key stage 2 classes were lucky enough to have been joined recently by the Year 10 drama students from Neatherd High School, who gave us the first preview of their upcoming performance of Hansel and Gretel. It was a fantastic experience and really enhanced the children’s understanding of the story, which was our focus for World Book Week. Not only did we get to watch the students perform, but we also took part in a drama workshop. The students said that our children’s ideas were so creative that they were going to use some of them in the actual show! Many thanks to all from Neatherd and we wish you all the best for the play…break a leg!

Key Stage 2 Collective Worship

Lion and Dove classes have been exploring this term’s theme of ‘humility’ by discussing how we can show humility at school and at home, and how acts of selflessness (inspired by Jesus) can make everyone feel respected and valued. Children have contributed by preparing some amazing presentations and raising questions that have inspired some enthusiastic debate!