North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Pumpkin Soup

Today we shared the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’. We were so excited about cooking with pumpkins we decided to make our own. We shared ideas of other vegetables to include and decided on carrots, onions and potatoes. We each added each of the ingredients to the slow cooker and took turns to stir it throughout the day. We then used a mixer to blend it together and tasted our very own pumpkin soup!

The Little Red Hen Baking

After reading the story of The Little Red Hen we decided we wanted to help her make the bread rolls because the other animals would not help. We learnt about which ingredients we would need and new words like ‘kneading’. We carefully weighed, measured and mixed the ingredients together. We left them to prove and then baked them in the afternoon.

Making Egyptian canopic jars in Dove class.

As part of our ancient Egypt topic, we have been investigating and writing about the gory process of mummification! In art over the last half term, we’ve been making canopic jars out of air-drying clay. So far, we’ve constructed the head of the jars and children have designed, sculpted and painted them beautifully. In ancient times, these jars were used to store the bodily organs of the dead mummies. Hopefully, they won’t be used for anything quite so gory when they go home at the end of term!