North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Painting en plain air

Doves spent a lovely afternoon in the sun, painting ‘en plain air’ in the style of Monet. They really tried to capture the essence of Monet’s impressionist style in their brushwork and colour blending. We will be finishing this work after half term; hopefully the weather holds out! Bravo, Doves!

How Hill Day 1

We’ve had a fab first day at How Hill. We’ve been on a nature trail, hugged a few trees, done some dyke-dipping and some weaving. The children are now all having a play in the gorgeous grounds as the sun sets.

Follow the link to the Google photos album for a closer look. I will be updating the album during our stay, so do keep checking it for new pics.

We’re Here!

Hello from How Hill! We’ve had time to settle in, unpack our bags and have a spot of lunch.

We’re now off to do a spot of pond dipping!

Science day in Dove class

Doves had fun investigating ‘Loony Liquids’ for science day on Friday. Firstly, we made Oobleck with cornflour and explored how it doesn’t act like a normal liquid. We then made lava lamps and observed how oil and water don’t mix due to their difference in density. Finally, we investigated the effect of washing up liquid on coloured milk, learning that the soap molecules weakened the bonds between the fat molecules in the milk. The children really enjoyed all the hands on activities and were great at cleaning up afterwards!


We were all lucky enough to visit the planetarium at Stibbard today, where children learnt about our solar system and constellations. We are sure this will inspire some fantastic space poetry as part of our book week activities. Many thanks to Stibbard for inviting us!

Book cafe in Dove class

As part of Book Week, Doves took part in a reading ‘restaurant’, where they sampled and discussed lots of their classmates’ favourite books. They then created a menu of their top three choices.


Momo Challenge Advice

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Over the past couple of days there has been quite a bit of concern raised by both adults and children about the ‘Momo Challenge’ which appears to have gone viral and caused quite a stir.

Having looked into it, it appears to be a hoax but the worry it has caused is nonetheless real.

Time has been spent in school to demystify the whole thing, explain what fake news and hoaxes are and what it means when something goes viral on the Internet.

Please follow the link to the BBC Newsround Report explaining how it is a hoax. It would be great if you watch this with your children (we advise KS2 children only) so that the same message is put across at home as well as at school.

This link will take you to the NSPCC Net Aware website which is designed specifically to support parents in understanding the many different social media networks out there and how your children might use them.

Thank you to parents who reported this to us so we could act upon it in a timely manner. It is so important that we work together to ensure the safety of our children, make them digitally literate, equip them to make the right choices when online and discern fact from fiction.

If you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher.


An information letter about a meme called ‘Momo’ is coming home today to KS2 children. Please ensure you read it. It is a rather disturbing but FAKE viral news story going round at the moment.