North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Advent Calendars (with a difference!)

Children in Lion and Dove classes have been opening up advent calendars promoting acts of kindness this Christmas. Every day, a child chosen at random opens up an envelope to reveal a random act of kindness they might chose to perform for family, friends or anyone in need in the local community. The children have loved the idea so far and have come up with some fantastic suggestions of their own. Favourites have included writing a Christmas card to elderly neighbours, donating a food item to a homeless shelter and helping parents with household chores!

Key Stage 2 Collective Worship

Children in Lion class and Dove class have been leading KS2 Collective Worship sessions this term and have treated us all to some fantastic presentations of their own making. Following on from last half term’s theme of ‘courage’, where children led sessions based on people (past and present) who have shown courage in adverse situations, we have now moved on to the theme of ‘thankfulness’. Today, representatives of Lion class taught us about how we should all be thankful for what we have as there are many people living in developing countries who do not have access to the luxuries that we sometimes take for granted. A great question and answer session allowed children to express their thoughts on the topic and prompted further discussion about how we might demonstrate more thankfulness in our everyday lives. Well done Lions and Doves, we’re looking forward to another impressive presentation next week!

Making Egyptian canopic jars in Dove class.

As part of our ancient Egypt topic, we have been investigating and writing about the gory process of mummification! In art over the last half term, we’ve been making canopic jars out of air-drying clay. So far, we’ve constructed the head of the jars and children have designed, sculpted and painted them beautifully. In ancient times, these jars were used to store the bodily organs of the dead mummies. Hopefully, they won’t be used for anything quite so gory when they go home at the end of term!

Y3/4 Houghton Hall Trip

SAM_3441.JPGYesterday Year 3 and 4 children from North Elmham and Stibbard went to Houghton Hall to explore the installations of Richard Long. We had an absolutely brilliant time creating our own pieces of art at the same time as getting to know the children from our partner school. A big thank you to the staff at Houghton Hall for giving us this great experience and to the parent helpers who generously gave of their time.

Follow the link to see the photos of the day.