North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Year 1 Phonics parent meeting

Following the success of our annual phonics workshop for Reception parents, we will be running a session for Year 1 parents on Tuesday 7th November at 6pm. This will focus on the phonics that are more specific to Year 1 and give information about the phonics assessment that will take place at in June 2018. We hope you can make it. However, if you are unable to attend, then information sheets will be sent home and uploaded to the website.

Pumpkin Soup

Today we shared the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’. We were so excited about cooking with pumpkins we decided to make our own. We shared ideas of other vegetables to include and decided on carrots, onions and potatoes. We each added each of the ingredients to the slow cooker and took turns to stir it throughout the day. We then used a mixer to blend it together and tasted our very own pumpkin soup!




Hours are 10 per week Monday-Friday 2 hours per day

Wage: £7.52/per hour approx

Start Date: ASAP

If you are interested please see: Mrs Barber

Brief Job Description:

To work under the direction of the Headteacher and with the already existing cleaner. In accordance with practices and procedures of the local authority, ensure that the school premises and it’s contents are properly maintained, cleaned, tidied and secure ready for use.


Ark in the Park class trip

We had a fantastic day out on our ‘Ark in the park’ trip, as part of Norwich science week. We found out all about different animal habitats through art and drama workshops. We then had fun exploring the habitats in Chaplefield park!

Library Fund Raising 


As you are aware, FONES have been raising money for our School Library. They have put a bid together to Aviva Community Fund.  In order to get the funding however, we need you to vote! 

Please follow the link below to vote for our library. 

The Little Red Hen Baking

After reading the story of The Little Red Hen we decided we wanted to help her make the bread rolls because the other animals would not help. We learnt about which ingredients we would need and new words like ‘kneading’. We carefully weighed, measured and mixed the ingredients together. We left them to prove and then baked them in the afternoon.

Making Egyptian canopic jars in Dove class.

As part of our ancient Egypt topic, we have been investigating and writing about the gory process of mummification! In art over the last half term, we’ve been making canopic jars out of air-drying clay. So far, we’ve constructed the head of the jars and children have designed, sculpted and painted them beautifully. In ancient times, these jars were used to store the bodily organs of the dead mummies. Hopefully, they won’t be used for anything quite so gory when they go home at the end of term!

A day learning about our coast

Year 5 and 6 from Stibbard and North Elmham have had a great day today visiting Cromer and Overstrand. Whilst there they learnt about the important work that the RNLI does to keep us safe at sea. They took part in a drama showing the bravery of Henry Blogg and they learnt about the erosion taking place along our coastline. It was also great for the two schools to get together and make some new friends.

Follow the link to view photos for the day.