North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


RE in Sheep Class

We have been learning about the origins of the Jewish celebration of Pesach (Passover), by retelling the story of Moses and the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. We read the story ‘Moses and the Very Big Rescue’ by Tim Thornborough, and then we acted out the story all together. The children had great fun doing this (especially the ten plagues!) and could explain that the term ‘passover’ comes from when God passed over the houses of the Israelites during the last plague. We also learnt that the word ‘exodus’ comes from the Greek word ‘exo’ meaning ‘exit’. Great learning, Sheep!

Sheep Class Welly Day Sessions

Sheep class have been amazing during our Welly Day sessions.  They work together and are becoming able to persevere!  

This week they were spotted drawing everywhere just like Henri Matisse.   He drew on his ceiling, the Sheep drew on Mrs Cairns’ trolley, on the dens, on the tyres – everywhere!!

Materials in Science

The children used their senses to investigate different materials this week in science. We blindfolded some willing volunteers and they had to describe an object and say what they thought it was made of. “It’s heavy and cold, so I think it’s metal,” said one child. “It feels rough and it’s quite light, I think it’s wood,” said another. We then went on a material hunt around our classroom and outdoor area, and found lots of examples. We also learnt about some types of plastic masquerading as other materials, such as plastic made to look like wood. “That table is made of plastic pretending to be wood!” 

Sheep Class Become History Detectives

Sheep class learnt all about ‘evidence’ this week, and how we can use it to prove something happened. We heard all about how one child discovered that their daddy had eaten all the biscuits because the crumbs in his beard were the evidence! The children then used their detective skills to analyse some sources of evidence, and talked to each other about what they could see and what the evidence might all mean when put together. Without being told the correct answer, the class correctly deduced from the evidence that we were going to learn about a big fire that happened in London a long time ago. They also developed some of their own lines of enquiry, such as ‘Why did the fire start?’ and ‘Who is that man (Pepys) and why is he important?’

The investigation continues…

Whales Class – Welly Days

We continue to explore our Welly Day area weekly. Our focus has been on teamwork, building independence and resilience. We have also been exploring ways to make structures secure and withstand any weather conditions. 

Whales Class – Georgia O’Keeffe Artwork

Our Art Book Hook ‘Little People, Big Dreams: Georgia O’Keeffe’ has inspired our artwork last half term. We learnt all about her life and how she was inspired by the little things around her. We explored complimentary colours, oil pastels and then recreated a close-up, large scale flower painting, with stunning results! 

Whales Class – History Knowledge Hunt

Whales class went on a knowledge finding mission to conclude our History learning last half term. In our outdoor area, lots of information was hidden for the children to find all about life during the Iron Age. The children recorded the information, discussed their findings with their partner,  and then shared their new knowledge with the whole class.