North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Whales Class Sports Day

On Friday we enjoyed our last day as a 2/3/4 class. We had Welly Day, where we worked together to light a fire and made delicious s’mores! We also planned and set up our own mini sports day. We had lots of fun working together in our house teams earning lots of points! Well done everyone! 

Lion Class July 2021

Chloe, Dana and Chloe planned a wonderful assembly about the children’s best memories of their time in primary school. 

Water Fight

Wonderful Welly Days for Whales

Whales Class have been demonstrating incredible skills throughout our Welly Day sessions.  They have started to use simple tools to add to the site, showing great resilience and problem solving skills.  Children work together, negotiating to build dens and obstacle courses.  They have been investigating the natural world and have even designed and built their own pond!  What a difference a year makes.  This time last year it was a simple triangle of grass and now we have an inviting site perfect for curious minds.  All designed by the children, no wonder they enjoy it so much!

Stop Motion Animations

In Computing this half term, Whales class have been learning how to create a stop motion animation using a camera on a chrome book. We used a storyboard to plan our animation and then we took still images and sequenced the frames to create the effect of movement. 

History in Whales Class

In History, Whales have continued to learn about the Railways and how they have changed over time. We learnt about the positive and negative impact of the railways and used this new knowledge to design and create our own board game!

Norfolk Music Festival

Whales class have worked so hard to learn to play 4 songs on the ukulele. The children performed all four songs and were filmed for the Norfolk Music Festival. There was an adjudicator who gave us very positive feedback! Watch our performance here!

The Parable of the Lost Sheep

In Sheep class, we have (very aptly!) been learning all about the Parable of the Lost Sheep. We read the parable using Mick Inkpen’s wonderful version and we then used a small world tray to act out the story. The children all had a go at retelling the tale, which got progressively more adventurous – the farmer ended up hiking up mountains and crossing volcanoes to find his lost sheep! The children could tell us that we are like the sheep, and God is like the shepherd who always watches over us and looks after us.

Signs of Summer

Sheep class have been studying the season of Summer this half term in their science lessons, and we have been waiting patiently for good weather to get out and about on our school grounds to see all the changes – finally some sun!

We discovered leaves bigger than our hands (and heads, in the case of the rhubarb growing on the veggie patch!), plants that are taller than us, long grasses and a multitude of insects and flowers. We sadly didn’t hear the chirping of grasshoppers, but we did see some beautiful butterflies and friendly ladybirds up in the Welly Day area.

Shapes, Glorious Shapes!

Sheep class have been recapping their knowledge of shape these last few weeks, and we have had lots of fun doing so. We made 2D shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks, we practised our shape recognition (and different orientations) by completing some tangram puzzles, and we have been making 3D shapes out of playdough. The cube was a tricky one to make!

Collective Worship

Lions Class have enjoyed child-led assemblies this year. Every Wednesday we have volunteers who prepare and deliver a presentation on the week’s theme. Children who have done this have been brave and spoken clearly, engaging with the class and creating discussion.