North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Sheep Class April 2022

What do different people believe about God?

Sheep class has started the new term with some very philosophical conversations about the existence of God, and we have been learning about why some people choose not to follow any religion. One child said, “I think I’m agnostic because I haven’t made up my mind yet!” while another said, “I’m probably an atheist because I want to see proof before I believe it.” Other children decided they were theists, because “God is kind and caring and he loves everyone!” A great start to our RE learning this term!

Lighthouses in DT

Continuing with our nautical themes this half term, Sheep class have been learning about lighthouses and what their key features are. Children have designed their own lighthouses, inspired by some of the wacky examples from around the world (a dragon lighthouse, anyone?!) but making sure they still retain the key features. In the coming weeks, we will be building our lighthouses, and would very much appreciate any donations of junk modelling materials (e.g. yoghurt pots, pringles tubes, plastic tubs, straws, plastic cups, plastic lids etc).

Song of the Sea

Our learning this term has a very nautical theme! In English, we have been watching extracts from the beautiful animated film ‘Song of the Sea’, which is based on an Irish myth about the kelpies. Children have already written some beautifully descriptive sentences in their sentence stacking lessons, and we are looking forward to planning and writing our own myths in the coming weeks.