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Early Years

Early Years

Here at North Elmham, we use a responsive planning approach. Starting from the child’s interests, we ensure the child remains content, so new learning is possible and that child’s progress is maximised by putting their well being first. We respond in ways that respect and value their unique identity.

We want our children to be fully engaged!

What does this look like?

– happy, independent, confident, unique, taking risks, taking the lead, communicating, challenged, creative, secure, curious, persistent, sociable, enthusiastic

We ensure we set up an enabling environment:

– workshop style both indoors and out. Nothing or very little is set up on tables as the children are able and encouraged to select what they want to do in each area

The resources the children access are:

– Accessible
– Varied
– Open ended
– High quality

Open ended means that there is no set purpose to the resources so children are free to use their imaginations and they are able to select resources that best support their chosen activity.

Adults and Parents involvement

To facilitate learning and this is done through observations and interactions.

– We remain observant, interested and responsive – ready to interact if we can add anything of value to the play.
– We get to know the children very well.
– We enhance and extend the learning at the appropriate level.
– We encourage and support children’s learning.
– We work alongside our children’s parents to enhance Home-School Learning

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