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Lions Class

Welcome to Lions Class. We use our name from the Bible story of Daniel and the Lions Den, and as a class we strive to follow the bravery, hope and trust learnt from this story. We are a mixed Year 5/6 group and we enjoy our spacious classroom as we learn and collaborate together. Our room is well-equipped with computers, a calm reading and reflection corner and an art area for crafts. Our teacher uses an interactive touch screen board for our learning, and in our own outdoor area we have a brand new table tennis table that we freely use at break times. We do Outdoor learning in a designated area of the school grounds with Mrs Cairns.

Mr Martinez teaches the class everyday. Mrs Sparey and Mrs Curtis support the class during the week.

Lions Summer 1 2021 Curriculum Map

Summer Whole School Homework

Lion Class E-Safety

May 24, 2021

Lions Class have shown excellent knowledge and maturity in their e-safety unit in Computing this half term. Today’s lesson involved researching the pros and cons of using social media apps such as Tik Toc, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. Groups presented to the class after using websites like to find out more.

Lions Science

May 14, 2021

Lions have been learning about evolution and inheritance in Science. As the children have spent time focusing on the work of Charles Darwin and the Galápagos Islands, they conducted an experiment to see how many seeds could be picked up by different shaped ‘beaks’. This replicated the different types of finches Darwin studied on the … Read more

Lions E-Safety

May 14, 2021

Lions have enjoyed a unit about E-Safety this half term. They learnt about online relationships and how to help someone experiencing harm on the internet, gender stereotypes in the media and how we should challenge these, and we were introduced to a Google games website called Interland which helped us to consolidate all our learning.

Lions Summer 1 2021 Curriculum Map

April 13, 2021

Lion Class Cooking

March 24, 2021

After spending time planning and designing two puff pastry dishes, Lions Class were very excited to finally make them today. As the children constructed their dishes, wonderful sweet and savoury smells filled the classroom. We finished the day taste-testing and evaluating the pastries based on their appearance, texture and flavour. 

Lions Class Science

March 22, 2021

Lions Class learnt about Mary Leakey in their ‘Scientists and Inventors’ unit in Science. They then had a go at doing their own excavations of real fossils in the outdoor area. They used a grid to record where they found fossils before drawing detailed observations. 

Day of Calmness Workshop

March 18, 2021

Each class enjoyed a session of calmness thanks to the Small Schools Partnership hosting a Day of Calmness workshop at our school. We learnt some techniques to help us maintain peace and relaxation that we can do everyday. 

Lions Class Book Week

March 5, 2021

Lions Class The Present Independent Writes

March 3, 2021

Lions Class Short Stories

March 2, 2021

Have a read of a selection of short stories Lions Class have written in lockdown based on the short, romantic Disney animation – Paperman.