North Elmham CEVA
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Sheep Class

Welcome to our Reception/Year 1/Year 2 Class

We are called Sheep class, after the parable of the Lost Sheep, and every child matters to us, just as every sheep mattered to Jesus. But don’t let our name fool you..we may start off in Reception as lambs, but through our first two years at school we learn to be independent, inquisitive and imaginative young learners! We have a lovely classroom, filled with quality resources and inspiring activities to get stuck into, plus a brand new domestic role-play room (complete with kitchen, lounge and bedroom areas!). We are also very lucky to have a huge, wooded outdoor area where children can get cooking in our mud-kitchen, get building in our large construction area, or simply curl up and listen to our teacher, Mrs Gkikopoulos, read us a great book in our cosy reading shack. There really is something for every kind of sheep in our class!

Signs of Summer

13 July 2021

Sheep class have been studying the season of Summer this half term in their science lessons, and we have been waiting patiently for good weather to get out and about on our school grounds to see all the changes – finally some sun! We discovered leaves bigger than our hands (and heads, in the case … Read more

Shapes, Glorious Shapes!

13 July 2021

Sheep class have been recapping their knowledge of shape these last few weeks, and we have had lots of fun doing so. We made 2D shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks, we practised our shape recognition (and different orientations) by completing some tangram puzzles, and we have been making 3D shapes out of playdough. The cube … Read more

Sheep Summer 2 2021 Curriculum map

15 June 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week in Whales Class

17 May 2021

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Whales had a circle time discussion about ways to look after our mental health. We also talked about how we could support others by simply offering a listening ear! We discussed what we could say to someone who needed somebody to talk to. Some of us wrote messages of support … Read more

The Great Fire of London in Sheep class (links to history, science and English)

12 May 2021

Sheep class have really loved learning all about the Great Fire of London so far this term in their history lessons. Having started the unit by being history detectives and scrutinising the primary source materials, children have since been finding out about why the fire spread so quickly and what methods were used to try … Read more

Sheep Class Swimming

12 May 2021

Sheep class are absolutely loving their weekly swimming lessons at Dereham Leisure Centre this term. After only three weeks, we have seen a massive leap in their confidence in the water and it is a joy to see them enjoying themselves so much! They have been learning how to enter the pool safely, getting used … Read more