North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Sheep Class

Welcome to our Reception/Year 1/Year 2 Class

Sheep class teacher is Mrs Sara Walter.

We are called Sheep class, after the parable of the Lost Sheep, and every child matters to us, just as every sheep mattered to Jesus. But don’t let our name fool you..we may start off in Reception as lambs, but through our first two years at school we learn to be independent, inquisitive and imaginative young learners! We have a lovely classroom, filled with quality resources and inspiring activities to get stuck into, plus a brand new domestic role-play room (complete with kitchen, lounge and bedroom areas!). We are also very lucky to have a huge, wooded outdoor area where children can get cooking in our mud-kitchen, get building in our large construction area, or simply curl up and listen to our teacher, Mrs Walter, read us a great book in our cosy reading shack. There really is something for every kind of sheep in our class!

Sheep Shapes!

23 May 2022

We have recently been investigating the properties of 2D shapes. Reception went on a shape hunt, finding shapes in our outdoor area to match the shapes they’d drawn in chalk on the ground. Year 1/2 started by making 2D shapes using pegboards and sticks, thinking carefully about the length of sides and number of vertices. … Read more

Green Fingers in Sheep Class

23 May 2022

The children got busy gardening today, planting out some strawberry plants which had kindly been donated to the class. They enjoyed weeding the tyres, digging the compost and arranging the plants in our gardening area. Soon we will also be planting out the bean plants we have been growing in our science investigation!

Sheep Class Slippery Ceramics!

12 May 2022

Sheep class has been experimenting and learning the vital techniques needed for working with clay. Children were very skilled at using their hands and water to manipulate the clay, and were delighted to learn that even if you make a mistake when using the clay, it doesn’t matter as clay is very forgiving! We practised … Read more

Sheep Class Maths Fun!

12 May 2022

Reception children (and Spiderman!) have been getting to grips with sharing in equal groups this week. Some children were even able to say that 20 is made up of 4 equal groups of five, so four lots of five is 20! We have also been practising our pattern and sequencing skills using geometric shapes. Great … Read more

Sheep Class Magic Beans!

12 May 2022

In science, Sheep class has been learning all about the life cycle of plants, and the conditions needed for healthy growth. We have been conducting an experiment to see if beans can grow well without light and water, and we are really enjoying watching our beans grow!

Sheep Class Coding!

12 May 2022

We have been learning all about coding and algorithms recently in our computing lessons. Children have become experts at following the algorithms given to them by their teacher (“Stand up, collect your book, sit down at the table.. Run programme!”) and are now using blocks of code to solve online coding puzzles! We are also … Read more