North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Goodbye to Mrs Pattison

We said goodbye to Mrs Pattison at the end of this term, as she goes off to work with children within the NHS. We have loved having Mrs Pattison with us in Sheep class and she will be missed by all of us! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the children, and we can’t wait to see you again when you come and visit us! 

Sheep class virtual school trip to the farm

Sheep class were very excited about our virtual trip this week, and it did not disappoint! We visited Yew Tree Farm in Kent, a farm set up and run by qualified teachers, and went on a tour to meet all their lovely animals. We learnt all about how to feed and care for the animals, where they live, where they come from, their personalities and heard lots of interesting facts about them! The children particularly loved meeting Snow and Maisie the Shetland ponies, Rambo the ram, Timmy and Tommy the newborn chicks, Rhubarb the guinea pig, and all the cheeky Pygmy goats. The children asked lots of great questions on the Zoom call, and there was lots of lively discussion about what animal we’d like to have at home! The trip also came at a great time, as it recapped the learning that children have done about animals and plants in science. For example, we talked about the differences between mammals such as the goats and rabbits, and the birds such as the cockerels and ducks! “The cockerel has feathers, but the goats have a fur coat!” said one child. “The hens lay eggs, but the sheep have lambs,” said another.

Thank you, Yew Tree Farm, what a great treat for the end of term!

Collective Worship Easter Assemblies

This week we have been very lucky to watch two great Easter assemblies prepared for us to watch in the classrooms. Andy Jones from Raise Kids, a regular visitor in both schools and The Open the Book team made up of parishioners from The Heart of Norfolk churches. Everyone has really enjoyed watching them and learning about the true meaning of Easter. If you would like to watch them as a family please click on the links below. 

Lion Class Cooking

After spending time planning and designing two puff pastry dishes, Lions Class were very excited to finally make them today. As the children constructed their dishes, wonderful sweet and savoury smells filled the classroom. We finished the day taste-testing and evaluating the pastries based on their appearance, texture and flavour. 

Lions Class Science

Lions Class learnt about Mary Leakey in their ‘Scientists and Inventors’ unit in Science. They then had a go at doing their own excavations of real fossils in the outdoor area. They used a grid to record where they found fossils before drawing detailed observations. 

Day of Calmness Workshop

Each class enjoyed a session of calmness thanks to the Small Schools Partnership hosting a Day of Calmness workshop at our school. We learnt some techniques to help us maintain peace and relaxation that we can do everyday. 

Creating Digital Stories in Sheep class

These are just a few of the fantastic digital stories that the children have made over the last few weeks. We began by learning how to take well-framed, focused pictures using tablets, then editing them to make them even better. Children then took photos of their toys acting out a story, and uploaded them to an app to make a digital collage. Some children even added text to bring their stories to life! Super work, Sheep!

Sheep class remote learning round up!

The last few weeks of remote learning have seen some very busy Sheep! We’ve been learning about groups and arrays in maths, making arrays at home with our toys. We have also been planting broad bean seeds in science and are recording their growth for the rest of this term. In geography, we have been identifying the counties of the UK, and in history we have learnt what it means to be a ‘significant person’. Many children chose their mummies or daddies as their significant person, which was lovely! In RE, we learnt about the Muslim celebration of Eid, and some children decorated their hands with Mendhi patterns. Children have also been learning about healthy diets with lots of fruit and veg in DT and have also done some fantastic drawings!

We’re so proud of all the effort the children have put in through this time of learning at home, but it will be fantastic to have them all back in school this week!