North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Uncovering the Gunpowder Plot – History in sheep class this week

To begin our new unit of history this term, Sheep class played detectives and used evidence from the past to discover what happened on November the 5th, 1605. They looked at lots of paintings, drawings and artifacts to discover that a man named Guy Fawkes and his gang went about trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament! The children were fantastic at finding the clues, and we’re looking forward to discovering more about who was involved, why they did it, and why we still ‘Remember, Remember, the 5th of November’!

Poppy Appeal

School Parliament have had an excellent first day collecting donations to raise money for the Royal British Legion, supporting this years Poppy Appeal. 

Real PE

In our PE session this week, we started to work on developing combinations of movement. We focused on competitive jumping and working with a partner to develop a personal best. Whales class worked really hard to support their partner with lots of encouragement!

School Parliament 2/11/21

Another fantastic meeting held today. School Parliament finalised plans for Children in Need, they discussed how to organise donations for the Poppy Appeal and also talked about lunch time activities. 

Open the Book Collective Worship

We welcomed back the wonderful Open the Book to lead Collective Worship today. They told us a story from the Bible about Creation. We enjoyed joining in with them throughout the story and singing a song together. 

School Parliament – Autumn 1 2021

School Parliament have had a very busy half term! We have already started to organise fundraising events such as Children in Need and Christmas Jumper Day. 

After listening to the children’s ideas in the school, School Parliament discussed and have started to look into potential After School Clubs to start again!  

We are so excited to find ways to improve our school and raise funds for various charities. 

Collective Worship

It has been so wonderful to be back as a whole school during Collective Worship.

We have enjoyed singing and celebrating all of the children’s wonderful successes, as well as welcoming our fantastic visitors back into our school. A huge thank you to Revd Trudie, Revd Sally, Andy Jones and Kidz Klub! 

Responsible Readers

Whales class have worked really hard this half term to be ‘Responsible Readers’. We talked to the children about the impact at least 20 minutes of daily reading can have on our learning and taking responsibility for reading at home as well as school – this could be by asking an adult to hear them read or reading independently and recording their thoughts and feelings about a text, some children even read to their teddy!

Well done, Whales. I am so impressed with your dedication to your reading this half term!