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Newsletter 2 Autumn Term 2017

16th October  2017

NEWSLETTER 2 AUTUMN TERM 2017           

Dear Parents & Carers,

The first half term is nearly over, all children have settled in well in their new classes.


Our Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Kirsty Barber, with Mr Good as Designated Safeguarding Lead. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us for help or advice.

Contacting staff

Our School Administrator, Mrs Emma Chambers, is at school every day and is always pleased to arrange for you to see a member of staff or deal with your queries. We remind parents that teachers are unable to see you first thing in the morning without an appointment, unless there is an emergency.

School Improvement Priorities

We continue to work closely with Neil Campbell our Norfolk Improvement Officer and are making progress in the areas identified for development.

Safety matters

Just a reminder that we ask parents not to enter the teaching block first thing in the morning. This is for Safeguarding reasons; any visitors who enter the teaching block will need to sign in at the office and wear a visitor’s badge.

Children need to take their bags onto the playground when they arrive and put them on their pegs when the bell goes at the start of the day.

School Council:

School council representatives have been chosen from each year group and have met a number of times on a Thursday lunch time. They have discussed issues that have been raised by their peers and also matters around the school. A school library committee have had the chance to choose the furniture ready for the library update, and are also keen to begin to raise more money for the library, after seeing how expensive the furniture is.

They are keen to organise the Children in Need fundraising and have some lovely ideas, including a North Elmham Bake Off.

The group known as “Open the Book” have started to come in for assemblies, every other Monday. The group read and act out stories from the bible. The children are enjoying seeing the bible stories coming to life.

EYFS and KS1:

Whales class are going to the Science experience at the Forum, in Norwich. Sheep class had a visit from Special Sergeant Chambers giving the children the opportunity to meet people who help them and to sit in the police car.

We held a meeting for all KS1 and EYFs parents around Tapestry on Tuesday 3rd October, but unfortunately this was not very well attended. We run workshops for parents to be better informed on what we do and to also offer an opportunity to talk to teaching staff. We will be running a Phonics Workshop on 7th November and do hope for a better attendance.

The morning routine appears to be working well, with parents dropping children off at the gates for the classes, thus giving the children the opportunity to do their early work in a calm classroom environment or to go outside.


All children this half term have had the opportunity to learn to play the violin with Mrs Clinton, which they are loving.

Both classes have been or are preparing to go on a trip; Doves class visited Houghton Hall with children from Stibbard and all seemed to have a fantastic day, exploring the art installations in the grounds.

Lions will shortly be going to Cromer and Overstrand. They will visit the Henry Blogg museum, Cromer lifeboat and look at coastal erosion around Overstrand.

Andy from RAISE has been coming into school to teach the Old Testament through active storytelling to Lions class.

Pawel, the FA Skills Coach has been in every Wednesday and taught all classes a variety of football skills. The children have learnt a lot and have enjoyed the experience.


Fund raising for the Library continues, the school council are keen to organise some more fundraising opportunities so watch this space! FONES continue to organise a variety of different events to raise money for which we are very grateful.

Key dates for your Diary         

16th October: Whales Class are visiting the Forum in Norwich for a Science experience.
18th October:   Mr Good’s class will join with Years 5 & 6 from Stibbard for a visit to the coast of North Norfolk as part of their Geography work.
19th October: Harvest Festival Church service up at the church 09:00-09:30.
19th October: Last day of half term
30th October: School reopens
7th November Phonics Workshop for parents in KS1 and EYFS
10th November Individual and Sibling Tempest Photographs
10th November: 13:30-14:30 Remembrance Service
14th and 16th November Parents evenings
17th November Children In Need fundraising day – North Elmham Bake Off, Dress Spotty and a Spot competition. Children In Need merchandise is also available to buy.
17th November 14:00-15:00 Sheep Class Discovery Cafe.
20th November 09:30-10:15 NEW INTAKE open morning
24th November FONES Clay Barn Experience
29th November 13:30-14:15 NEW INTAKE open afternoon
8th December Aladdin Panto – ‘Chaplins Touring Panto’ in the school hall 13:00-15:15 (whole school)
12th December KS1 and EYFS Nativity Grandparents and Friends of the School
13th December KS1 and EYFS Nativity Parents performance
18th December KS1 Christmas Party
19th December Last Day of Term


With best wishes from the Senior Leadership Team


Kathryn Batcock & Sue Tobin (Headteachers)

Kirsty Barber (Assistant Headteacher N Elmham)

Craig Isherwood (Deputy Headteacher Stibbard)


Key Stage 2 Collective Worship

Children in Lion class and Dove class have been leading KS2 Collective Worship sessions this term and have treated us all to some fantastic presentations of their own making. Following on from last half term’s theme of ‘courage’, where children led sessions based on people (past and present) who have shown courage in adverse situations, we have now moved on to the theme of ‘thankfulness’. Today, representatives of Lion class taught us about how we should all be thankful for what we have as there are many people living in developing countries who do not have access to the luxuries that we sometimes take for granted. A great question and answer session allowed children to express their thoughts on the topic and prompted further discussion about how we might demonstrate more thankfulness in our everyday lives. Well done Lions and Doves, we’re looking forward to another impressive presentation next week!

Year 1 Phonics parent meeting

Following the success of our annual phonics workshop for Reception parents, we will be running a session for Year 1 parents on Tuesday 7th November at 6pm. This will focus on the phonics that are more specific to Year 1 and give information about the phonics assessment that will take place at in June 2018. We hope you can make it. However, if you are unable to attend, then information sheets will be sent home and uploaded to the website.

Pumpkin Soup

Today we shared the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’. We were so excited about cooking with pumpkins we decided to make our own. We shared ideas of other vegetables to include and decided on carrots, onions and potatoes. We each added each of the ingredients to the slow cooker and took turns to stir it throughout the day. We then used a mixer to blend it together and tasted our very own pumpkin soup!




Hours are 10 per week Monday-Friday 2 hours per day

Wage: £7.52/per hour approx

Start Date: ASAP

If you are interested please see: Mrs Barber

Brief Job Description:

To work under the direction of the Headteacher and with the already existing cleaner. In accordance with practices and procedures of the local authority, ensure that the school premises and it’s contents are properly maintained, cleaned, tidied and secure ready for use.


Ark in the Park class trip

We had a fantastic day out on our ‘Ark in the park’ trip, as part of Norwich science week. We found out all about different animal habitats through art and drama workshops. We then had fun exploring the habitats in Chaplefield park!