North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Different materials

We designed, made and tested different materials. We worked in groups to make a bucket suitable to hold water that could help us put out the Great Fire of London. We had great fun testing these!

Tudor Houses

Whilst learning about The Great Fire of London – why the fire spread so quickly and how they put the fire out, we made our own Tudor houses. We created a design criteria and then worked together to fix different parts together.

Fabulous frog!

This morning, we found a frog in our outdoor area. We discussed if it was a frog or a toad and how we know the difference. We researched what they needed to survive and made it a little home! We wrote signs and captions to let others know what we had found. We were really careful, so we didn’t frighten our new friend. #responsiveplanning #children’sinterests

We’re Here!

Hello from How Hill! We’ve had time to settle in, unpack our bags and have a spot of lunch.

We’re now off to do a spot of pond dipping!

Early Years Discovery Cafe

Max the dog and Mrs Graves returned to share another story! We shared The Great Big, Enormous, Gigantic Cardboard Box and then went on to enjoy lots of activities with our grownups!

A huge thank you to Debbie and Dawn, our local childminders and all of the Parents and Carers who supported it!