North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


School Parliament

We represent the school and make good changes and decisions to:

  • Save the environment
  • Improve the school
  • Make our school look better
  • We cherish everybody’s ideas
  • We brainstorm to get good ideas for the school
  • We try to make everyone feel safe and happy

The School Parliament are reviewing this page and providing new text, photos and ideas. The above list is what they have started with – Feb 2020

We raise money for charities including Children in Need, Sports Relief, Cancer Research and Comic Relief. 

We want to listen to other people’s opinions and we always try and do what other people say.  We never ignore what other people say.  

The children are very important at our school and we value their ideas and opinions. To this end we want to give them opportunities to share their thoughts on school issues.

The main aim of the School Parliament is to help to make our school a better place and to give an opportunity to have our ideas and opinions heard.

Every September each class vote for two children from each year group to be representatives of the school. These are children who put themselves forward and may be required to present to the class why they would make a good school council member.

The school parliament members occasionally give up a lunch time to meet and discuss school issues and events. Everyone has a say in these meetings so that no one is left out. They then report back to their respective classes.

Children will often propose fund-raising activities and work with the staff and FONES to organise these events; children’s team points and awards are organised; and any school issues or niggles may result in the school council finding a solution or creating a new rule.