North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Election excitement in Sheep Class

As we all know, today was a very important day – Election Day!

In Sheep class we had two very important issues to vote on, which story to read, and what do as an end of year treat!  For the first vote, Mrs Cairns started by asking only the boys to stand up to vote.  We talked about how this wasn’t fair and remembered how Emmeline Pankhurst had worked hard for all of the girls and ladies.  We then used our secret polling booth to cast our votes.  Later we split into 3 groups and made posters to try to persuade the rest of the school to vote for our favourite end of year activity.  It was very very close – but Den Day won!

Mrs Cairns was very impressed with how seriously we took it all and how hard we worked on our posters and badges.