North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Sheep RE Day

Today we learnt even more about Easter! Our focus was ‘Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?’ We learnt about Holy Week, the importance of Palm Sunday and Good Friday. Sheep retold parts of the Easter story, we then made our own Easter gardens. Finally, we learnt about why we share Easter eggs, its not just because we love chocolate! We learnt that an egg symbolises new life. After designing our own eggs, we then went on an Easter Egg hunt!

Gymnasts in the making!

Sheep class have loved their Gymnastics sessions this half term. Firstly, we started with floor work; focusing on making shapes with our bodies. We then applied this shape work to low apparatus and then the large apparatus. The children have been perfecting their balancing, jumping and climbing skills over the last few weeks and have really built up their confidence.

A wonderful Welly Day in Sheep Class

Sheep Class had a beautiful morning today as the sun shone on our Welly Day and we were finally able to access the site without being bogged down by mud!  

All of the adults were so impressed by how well the children worked together.  

Across the site they could be seen writing, playing together, solving problems both as a team and on their own, having fun with their friends and enjoying a quiet time in nature.

Learning through play in Sheep Class

Sheep Class have been applying their taught skills within their learning through play.  The children are keen to use their phonics and can be found writing signs, making labelled treasure maps and creating cards.  They are becoming increasingly independent but also work well in small groups, using their creative skills and imaginations to develop their understanding of our topics.  This week the children have been learning about the Wright Brothers and their perseverance when creating the first aeroplanes.  They remembered the importance of not giving up whilst having a go at making their own planes.  

In Welly Day the children had asked if we could make bird feeders.  First they conducted a survey to see if there was any evidence of birds having been in our outdoor area.  They then encouraged more to join us building nests, making signs and creating bird feeders to hang from the trees.

To the moon and back!

As part of 2024’s Norwich Science Festival, we were lucky to be visited by the amazing Ben Langley, who has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent! 

We went on an adventure as Tom and his AI friend, Squiffy, embarked on a mission to the stars.

We thoroughly enjoyed the one-man tour which explored the Science behind a rocket-trip to the moon.

A message to Sheep Class!

Dear children and families,

Mrs Cairns and Mrs Hunter have been busy over the holidays having a sort out in Sheep class. When you arrive tomorrow you will notice that some of our areas have moved!

Have a look at the photographs together. Can you spot where our home corner has moved to? What about our construction and loose parts?

We know that it can make you sad if your creations are walked over – so we think that we have solved this problem. We also know that lots of you love to create, to write and to investigate numbers – so we have added some new areas.

Tomorrow Mrs Cairns will make sure that you have time to explore our new set up – we hope that you love it and know that you will look after it beautifully!

Have a lovely last day of your holidays!

Mrs Cairns and Mrs Hunter

Fee-fi-fo-fum! A sheep trip to the Puppet Theatre

Sheep class had a lovely morning watching the performance of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We were lucky enough to have the whole theatre to ourselves, meet the puppeteers and see some of the amazing puppets after the performance.

Well done Sheep class, a wonderful morning had by all.

Sheep Class, Geography and History enrichment morning

Sheep Class had a beautiful adventure on Friday!  Earlier in the week the children received a letter from one of Father Christmas’s elves, Fir Ivyjump.  The children wrote cards back to him with questions for him to answer.  With our invited adults, Sheep class walked down to the village post office where there was a special post box for them to use.  

The Sheep then used a simple map to help them walk back past the school to the ruins.   They were excellent at spotting the different locations on the map.  It was a slippy slidey journey but the children were very caring and took great care of each other and the adults.

When the group returned back to school the adults answered a collection of questions about their childhoods.  

Can you spot Sheep Class with the sheep in one of our photographs?!

Odd Sock Day in Sheep class

Today we wore odd socks to raise awareness for anti-bullying week. We talked about what makes us unique, and why it is important to be kind to each other. We then designed our very own kindness socks, writing about ways we can be kind in Sheep class.

Remembrance in Sheep Class 

After learning about Remembrance as part of Collective Worship, we were inspired and continued the learning back in class. We discussed why we wear poppies and what they represent. 

The children then made their own poppies and used them to create beautiful art work!