North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Whales Class

Whales class teacher is Mrs Laura Gkikopoulos.

Welcome to Whales Class. We get our name from the Bible story ‘Jonah and the Whale’. It is a story of compassion and never giving up - values which are very important to our class. We encourage, respect and love sharing ideas with each other!

This year, Whales class consists of Year 3 and 4 children.

Mrs Gkikopoulos teaches the class every morning, when Whales will focus on English (reading and writing), Mathematics and Science.

In the afternoons, Whales will join Lions class and Miss Baker will teach the other foundation subjects.

Anti-Bullying Week in Whales Class

Nov 17, 2022

Children in Whales have been discussing bullying during the week, and specifically the ‘Reach Out’ initiative from the Anti-Bullying Alliance. We came up with ways we can help those who might be affected, but agreed that the best cure is prevention. The children had some brilliant ideas of how this could be achieved, including ‘sharing … Read more

Drama in RE

Nov 17, 2022

Whales class has been learning all about how Christians express their faith, one way being  through baptism. We learnt about the different parts of the baptism ceremony and then had a go at re-enacting a baptism (see pictures of the ‘parents’, ‘Godparents’ and the Reverend below)! Children could explain that baptism represents a person’s devotion … Read more

Sound Science in Whales

Nov 4, 2022

We kick-started our learning about sound this week with some mini investigations into how sound is produced. We enjoyed bouncing rice on the drums, watching cymbals cause ripples in glittery water and observing how percussion instruments will stop sounding when we touch them with our hands. It was certainly not a quiet lesson!!

RE in Whales Class

Nov 4, 2022

This week, we began a new unit in RE where we will be learning about how people express their faith and beliefs in different ways. We began by learning about how we demonstrate commitment in our own lives, and children brought to school some items that represent this. We had some lovely certificates, swimming badges, … Read more

Whales Class Autumn 2 Curriculum Newsletter

Nov 3, 2022

Flower Dissection in Whales Class

Sep 30, 2022

Whales class continued their learning about plants by dissecting flowers today. We started by taking off the sepals which protect the petals, then we looked at the anthers, the stigma, the ovary and the ovules. The children loved using the magnifying glasses to look at the ovules! We then discovered how all the parts of … Read more

Maths in Whales

Sep 23, 2022

Children have recently been recapping and extending their understanding of place value, which we have rounded off with some lessons on Roman numerals! The class had fun making Roman numerals using lollypop sticks and practising a catchy song to help us remember them. If you would like to experience the song for yourself, follow this … Read more

Stories in the Loft

Sep 16, 2022

Whales class really enjoyed making their first visit to our new mezzanine area, which children have decided is called ‘The Loft’. We enjoyed reading our books in this quiet space and enjoying the view! We feel very lucky to have this new place to go and relax in our school.

Seed Science in Whales

Sep 16, 2022

Whales class continued their learning about plants today by setting up an investigation into how fertiliser helps plants to grow. Children decided themselves what they would investigate – some are focusing on the height of the plant, some on the speed of growth and some on the healthy look of the plant. We then potted … Read more

Whales Class Curriculum Newsletter September 2022

Sep 13, 2022