North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Whales Class

Welcome to Whales Class. We get our name from the Bible story Jonah and the Whale. It is a story of compassion and never giving up - values which are very important to our class. We encourage, respect and love sharing ideas with each other!

We are made up of Year 2, 3 & 4 children and we enjoy our calm, cosy classroom which sparks our curiosity and thirst for knowledge! There is a large creative area with art, craft and construction resources. You could even snuggle up in our brand new teepee or on our comfy sofa - a great way to support our wellbeing and mental health.

Anti-Bullying Week

Nov 20, 2020

This week, Whales have been learning about E-Safety and completing activities for Anti-Bullying Week. We used ‘THINK’ to guide our discussions and thought about how we cannot take our words and actions back. We wanted to share our learning and encourage others to ‘Be Kind’ and consider how their words and actions affect other people. 

Whales Welly Days

Nov 20, 2020

Whales class experienced a wonderful Welly Day session on our school field.  The whole class spent the afternoon in our new site where they lit a fire to toast crumpets, used clay to sculpt and build rafts and hammocks. The children played a key role in developing the area. Mrs Cairns explained that Sheep class love … Read more

Children In Need

Nov 20, 2020

Whales Class had an excellent time raising money for Children in Need. We joined in with the final part of Joe Wicks’ 24 hour PE challenge and we learnt about ways in which the money helps children in the UK. As it is also World Kindness Day, we made a personalised kindness booklet with ways … Read more

Remembrance Day in Whales Class

Nov 12, 2020

For Remembrance Day we discussed the significance of the poppy and learnt about life in the trenches for the soldiers. We shared a poem called ‘Think of Me’. We discussed how the poem made us feel and how to write for a purpose, to help our reader feel the same emotions we felt when we first … Read more

Whales Class Autumn 2 Newsletter

Nov 3, 2020

International Aviation Academy Trip

Feb 8, 2020

Year 2 and 3 visited The International Aviation Academy. We boarded a live aircraft, met a pilot, cabin crew and sat in the cockpit. Back in the classroom we had circle times and lots of dress up! A great day to consolidate our learning about The Wright Brothers and inventors this half term. Click link … Read more


Dec 9, 2019

We had great fun this afternoon learning to sculpt clay onto a tree. We have been fascinated by our Enchanted Woods story and we were so excited to create these outside!

Woodland fairy

Dec 7, 2019

We received a special letter from our woodland fairy. She had ripped her dress and wondered if we could design and make her a new one! We used different materials to cut, shape and join them! Lots of perseverance and determination shown!

Different materials

Dec 6, 2019

We designed, made and tested different materials. We worked in groups to make a bucket suitable to hold water that could help us put out the Great Fire of London. We had great fun testing these!

Tudor Houses

Dec 6, 2019

Whilst learning about The Great Fire of London – why the fire spread so quickly and how they put the fire out, we made our own Tudor houses. We created a design criteria and then worked together to fix different parts together.