North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Lions Class

Welcome to Lions Class. We use our name from the Bible story of Daniel and the Lions Den, and as a class we strive to follow the bravery, hope and trust learnt from this story. We are a mixed Year 4/5/6 group and we enjoy our spacious classroom as we learn and collaborate together. Our room is well-equipped with computers, a calm reading and reflection corner and an art area for crafts and cooking. Our teacher uses a large interactive touch screen board for our learning, and in our own outdoor area we have a brand new table tennis table that we freely use at break times.

Mr Chester teaches the class everyday. Mrs Sparey and Mrs Forrest support the class during the week.

Lions Summer 1 2021 Curriculum Map

Summer Whole School Homework

Saying goodbye and best wishes to Miss Forrest, thank you for all your hard work

October 22, 2021

Lion’s class had a delightful day visiting Dippy the Dinosaur

October 15, 2021

What the minibeast saw!

October 8, 2021

Have you ever imagined what the world might look like if you were a minibeast?  That is exactly what some Lions did today when taking photographs around our site.  It was fascinating to see the landscape from this point of view and the photographs produced were beautiful! Other Lions were busy working together to create … Read more

Year 5 Lions, learning, developing and creating their own ball skills

October 8, 2021

Lions Class have made creations with wood during Welly Day

September 27, 2021

Friday 24th September

Lions Autumn 1 2021 Curriculum Map Letter

September 16, 2021

Lion Class July 2021

July 16, 2021

Chloe, Dana and Chloe planned a wonderful assembly about the children’s best memories of their time in primary school.  Water Fight

Collective Worship

June 29, 2021

Lions Class have enjoyed child-led assemblies this year. Every Wednesday we have volunteers who prepare and deliver a presentation on the week’s theme. Children who have done this have been brave and spoken clearly, engaging with the class and creating discussion.

Lion Class Maths Ratios

May 24, 2021

Lions Class quenched their thirst today as they mixed drinks to find the best ratio in our Maths lesson.

Lion Class E-Safety

May 24, 2021

Lions Class have shown excellent knowledge and maturity in their e-safety unit in Computing this half term. Today’s lesson involved researching the pros and cons of using social media apps such as Tik Toc, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. Groups presented to the class after using websites like to find out more.