North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


After School Clubs

At North Elmham Primary School we aim to provide extra high quality teaching and coaching opportunities for children during and after school hours. This allows the children to further develop their social, emotional and educational skills.

Children will:  

  • Have greater understanding of health and fitness and opportunities to opt for physical activity to encourage a healthy lifestyle.  
  • Learn and develop new interests, skills and talents eg. singing, music, cookery, art etc  
  • Show a desire to improve and achieve in relation to their abilities and aspirations  
  • Develop the appreciation of the concept of fair play, team play, honest competition and good sportsmanship when attending sports clubs.  
  • Understand safe practice and develop a sense of responsibility  
  • Promote self-esteem through physical competence and learning new skills

We use the Norwich Community Sports Foundation to provide high quality sports clubs for children across the school, for example football, quick cricket, multi-skills and dance.

Clay Barn provide art and craft activities also.

All clubs are available to all children at a small fee.