North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Exciting Eruptions in Whales Class

Whales have designed and constructed model volcanoes, powered by a pneumatic systems! We tested them and found some success and some areas for improvement! This was an exciting end to our volcanoes topic this term, which the class has really enjoyed.

Whale RE Day

25th March 2024

The big question – Why is Easter important to Christians? 

We had a really busy day and learnt a lot.

We started the day with an Easter story pass the parcel to learn about the key events.

We then walked to the St Mary’s Church where we were met by Reverend Sally who talked to us about Holy week.  We listened to the story of the last supper and joined Reverend Sally at the altar table to find out about the Eucharist.  

We all explored the Church and completed some rubbings and sketches of some of the church.  We also made a palm cross and looked at the Easter garden.

In the afternoon we tried a hot cross bun, looked at the similarities and differences between a christian in England and Christian in Jerusalem, retold the Easter story by making an Easter spinner and wrote an acrostic poem.

Some of the words the children described the day were – peaceful, calm, fascinating and interesting.

To the moon and back!

As part of 2024’s Norwich Science Festival, we were lucky to be visited by the amazing Ben Langley, who has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent! 

We went on an adventure as Tom and his AI friend, Squiffy, embarked on a mission to the stars.

We thoroughly enjoyed the one-man tour which explored the Science behind a rocket-trip to the moon.

DT in Whales

We have been busy designing, planning and making healthy sandwiches in DT this term. We made sure that our sandwiches were healthy by including veg, protein and dairy, and some of the children’s creations were inspired!

Nice work, chefs!

Christmas T@2

Whales and Lions class attended T@2 in the village this week to sing some lovely Christmas carols and have a few treats! Thank you to the kind ladies and gents from T@2 for having us!


Whales’ Day at the Museum

We really enjoyed our class trip to Lynn Museum, where we learnt about forensic archaeology (what we can learn from studying human skeletons), got a chance to handle ancient coins, and then became Egyptologists for the afternoon. Children acted out ancient myths, created Egyptian inspired neck collars, re-enacted the process of mummification and handled real ancient artefacts. What a super day we’ve all had. Many thanks to our parent helper and of course, FONES for subsidising the cost of the coach hire!

We Will Remember

North Elmham held a Remembrance Service in our school hall. Sheep class showed their poppy art, some children from Whales and Lions class read their own poems, songs were beautifully sung and Lions class performed the famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields’. Reverend Sally read out the names of those who died from North Elmham in the two World Wars and children prayed some prayers. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who came to support and well done to our children!

Whales and Lions Cross Country

Both classes took part in a cross country event at Langley School today, and despite the hideous wether they all put in a fantastic effort and were very supportive of each other. Well done to all who took part!



We looked at the results of the experiment we set up last week to see what affects teeth.  

We used eggs and a variety of drinks to look at how they would affect teeth.  We learnt a lot and now can see that water has no effect on teeth and that some drinks like tea can stain teeth and other drinks could cause cavities.  We saw how toothpaste can reduce the effects of the drinks.

Whales Class


In our RE we have been looking at the big question – How do religious groups contribute to society.

Today we looked at what Edith Cavell believed and what she said and did because of her beliefs.  

Her grave is at Norwich Cathedral – have a look when you next visit there.   There is a remembrance service being held there this weekend as it’s the anniversary.

In PE we have been completing the personal unit in Real PE.  The focus has been on everyone knowing where they are in their learning and to use this in their practice to improve their performance.

This week we took part in shadow play as a warm up, we were practicing the skill of balancing on one leg and the personal challenge was to mirror what our partner was doing.  Everyone has improved in their skills and in identifying what they need to work on next.  Last session next week – hopefully everyone will manage to achieve the goal they have set for themselves.


We started our Science topic today by recreating our digestive system in a practical way. We looked at how  long the digestive would be if stretched out and what happens as food passes through the digestive system.