North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Maths in Whales

Children have recently been recapping and extending their understanding of place value, which we have rounded off with some lessons on Roman numerals! The class had fun making Roman numerals using lollypop sticks and practising a catchy song to help us remember them. If you would like to experience the song for yourself, follow this link!

Stories in the Loft

Whales class really enjoyed making their first visit to our new mezzanine area, which children have decided is called ‘The Loft’. We enjoyed reading our books in this quiet space and enjoying the view! We feel very lucky to have this new place to go and relax in our school.

Seed Science in Whales

Whales class continued their learning about plants today by setting up an investigation into how fertiliser helps plants to grow. Children decided themselves what they would investigate – some are focusing on the height of the plant, some on the speed of growth and some on the healthy look of the plant. We then potted up our radish seeds – one ‘control’ plant and one with added fertiliser. We can’t wait to see the results and discover whether adding extra nutrients makes a difference to the growth of our radishes!!

Art in Lions and Whales class

Children had an introduction to the art of typography in art this week. We learnt that typography is the art of creating and arranging letters in a visually pleasing manner. We investigated different forms of typography and used this to inspire our first foray into creating our own typography using paper shapes. We were very impressed with the children’s creativity!

Whales Class Assembly 

Whales led their own Assembly to showcase their fantastic learning this term. They planned the whole Assembly; writing their own scripts, organising all of the props, setting up the hall and producing the slides to accompany the Assembly. It was wonderful to have our parents in the audience too!

Well done Whales! I am so proud of you all!

Fossil Hunting Experts!

Sheep and Whales had a fantastic trip to Cromer Museum and Cromer Beach. We learnt so much about fossils found in Cromer, handled various fossils and then went on our very own fossil hunt on the beach. The children were absolutely amazing and we had a wonderful day!


Marvellous PE

We have been busy developing our running skills over the past few weeks; improving our techniques for running over obstacles and running for distance. In our other PE session, we have been developing our agility and static balance skills!

Computing in Whales class

We are well underway with our new Computing learning this half term. We have been making our own E-Books based around the theme of ‘Going for Gold’. We have taken and inserted our own photographs as well as writing about a sport or sportsperson who inspires us. We are going to keep adding to our E-Books each week, so watch this space for our final products!

Exploring Rivers

As part of our new English unit, we rehearsed the poem ‘The River’, found the shapes and performed it to our class. We learnt even more about rivers and new vocabulary such as ‘meander’ ‘tributaries’ ‘vexed’.