North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Whales Welly Day

Whales had a fantastic Welly Day session; we thoroughly enjoyed testing out the shaduf we made in an earlier session, we also got creative with clay! The children have grown in confidence to assess risks and keep themselves safe. 

Real PE in Whales Class

Another fantastic PE session! This week we worked on 2-feet to 2-feet jumping and landing with balance and control. We then applied this to a river crossing game. We worked in small teams, ensuring we listened to each other and showed perseverance as the level of challenge increased!

History in Whales Class

This week we have been learning how to write like an Ancient Egyptian! As well as learning about hieroglyphics and the many symbols and pictures they used, we also learnt about the Rosetta stone and being a scribe! We read and wrote our own secret messages. We then made our very own Cartouches out of clay! 

Science in Whales class this week – Digestion

In Science, we asked ‘What happens to the food we eat?’ We started to find out about the process of digestion. We learnt about functions of the parts of the digestive system, created a model to demonstrate the journey of food through the body and then used our new knowledge to label a diagram and describe what happens during each part of the process. 

Real PE

In our PE session this week, we started to work on developing combinations of movement. We focused on competitive jumping and working with a partner to develop a personal best. Whales class worked really hard to support their partner with lots of encouragement!

Responsible Readers

Whales class have worked really hard this half term to be ‘Responsible Readers’. We talked to the children about the impact at least 20 minutes of daily reading can have on our learning and taking responsibility for reading at home as well as school – this could be by asking an adult to hear them read or reading independently and recording their thoughts and feelings about a text, some children even read to their teddy!

Well done, Whales. I am so impressed with your dedication to your reading this half term!


Whales Class 21st October

Whale Class have really developed their creativity and problem solving skills.  They are really making the most of the environment and work so well together to create different structures.  Can you spot the Egyptian shaduf and the handmade ladder?

English Experience Day

Today in English, we had an Experience Day, based around our new text ‘Tuesday’. We took on two different roles; the role of a Police officer and the role of an eyewitness. We worked together to think of questions we needed to ask the eyewitness and then ‘hot-seated’ each character. The children were excellent in each role, some children decided to create their own ‘detective notes’ to share back to the class. We then gathered all of the wonderful ideas and vocabulary. We are excited to start our sentence stacking lessons tomorrow. 

Dippy the Dinosaur

Whales Class had an excellent school trip today visiting Dippy at the Cathedral. It was lovely to be able to go out on a trip together. Our tour guide took us through a time tunnel, we discovered lots about Dippy from over 150 million years ago. We had our tour and then spent some time outdoors sketching the Cathedral. 

When we returned to school, we spent some time reflecting on our trip; what we had learnt and how we felt. Well done, Whales, what a lovely day!