North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Art in Lions and Whales class

Children had an introduction to the art of typography in art this week. We learnt that typography is the art of creating and arranging letters in a visually pleasing manner. We investigated different forms of typography and used this to inspire our first foray into creating our own typography using paper shapes. We were very impressed with the children’s creativity!

Year 6 embrace their creativity on a British Summer afternoon!

The weather was slightly unsure of the season on Friday afternoon, but Mrs Cairns and Year 6 knew that they wanted to be outside!  So they played it safe and set up camp in the shelter just in case!  But the sun shone and the group were able to demonstrate the range of creative skills they have developed over the term.  Some children used tools to create beads using elder, others used clay and others used knots to design a laser lair!  All of them worked so well as a team, a beautiful afternoon!

Theme Park Project

Year 5 have had a project week whilst the year 6’s have been on their residential in Derbyshire. We have been designing a theme park. We were given £5,000,000 to build and start up our theme park. We worked in two groups discussing our business ideas, naming our parks, dividing our park into three themed sections and deciding on our target audience. We had to take into account building costs, running costs, entrance fees and working out our overall profit. We designed our rides to fit in with our themes and made brochures to advertise. We had to think about the environmental impact and talked about the effect of tourism on the local area. Pupils discussed transport options and healthy eating outlets. A great week and lots of good work was achieved. 

Day 4 Derbyshire Residential

For the last day of activities we went to Matlock to visit the Heights of Abraham. We took the cable cars to the top and enjoyed the stunning views. The mining caves we walked through were spectacular and the children were amazed to find crystals in the rocks. When we came back down the cable cars we went along the river on Lover’s Walk, navigating the steep ascents.

Each evening we’ve spent time at the park. The photos from today show we’ve had a great time there, playing capture the flag, football and other games. Tonight we played some silly games to celebrate a child’s birthday – some of which humiliated the staff!

We’ve had such a great time! The children have loved every minute, made new friends and overcome fears. We have really enjoyed spending time with your wonderful children.

We are on the road now and will inform you of our ETA soon.

Day 3 Derbyshire Residential

Today we visited the incredible, very grand Chatsworth House. It was an amazing experience walking through the house, learning about the history and the old and contemporary artwork. The photos really speak for themselves. We also enjoyed the farmyard, playground and paddling on the cascade on the grounds. Final day of activities tomorrow!

Year 6 Derbyshire Day 2

We’ve certainly had an action-packed day today! Rock climbing, abseiling and caving were our main activities. Photo opportunities were limited today but we’ve taken a few. Many children faced their fears and gave things a go, which is fantastic. They were all so pleased with themselves and what they achieved today. From the tight squeezes in the caves, to the jaw-dropping heights of the rock faces we climbed and abseiled, the children need a big pat on the back (and some of the adults do too!). To top it all off, we cooled off in the town’s outdoor swimming pool in the evening.

We want to mention as well that we are so impressed with the way the children from both schools have mixed and mingled with each other. One child was overheard saying, “I’m loving this. I’ve made so many new friends.”

Year 6 Derbyshire Day 1

After an uneventful journey, stopping at Sherwood visitor centre on the way, the children have settled into their rooms and are awaiting their tea. All seem happy. The shrieks of wonder at seeing the hills was wonderful – you can tell they come from Norfolk! Walking along the River Derwent after tea to enjoy the views and get some exercise. 

After settling in and having dinner we thoroughly enjoyed our gorgeous river walk, seeing picturesque sights in the evening sunlight and hopping along the stepping stones. Roll on tomorrow’s activities!

History in Lions Class

Lions have been globe trotting this term, and learning about the seven wonders of the world, old and new, from the stunning Taj Mahal to the great pyramids of Egypt.