North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


We Will Remember

North Elmham held a Remembrance Service in our school hall. Sheep class showed their poppy art, some children from Whales and Lions class read their own poems, songs were beautifully sung and Lions class performed the famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields’. Reverend Sally read out the names of those who died from North Elmham in the two World Wars and children prayed some prayers. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who came to support and well done to our children!

Forest Schools

On Tuesday morning Lions have started to do Forest Schools with Miss Craske. The children had a great time.

Whales and Lions Cross Country

Both classes took part in a cross country event at Langley School today, and despite the hideous wether they all put in a fantastic effort and were very supportive of each other. Well done to all who took part!

Harvest Art

This afternoon Lions class got creative to make fruit and vegetables for our Harvest Service on Friday. Thanks goes to Tish, a local resident from Open the Book, who came in to help us and provided the green pipe cleaners and basket. 

Crucial Crew

Norfolk Crucial Crew is a multi-agency project, led by Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, delivering safety messages in a fun and interactive way through hazards presented in a safe, controlled environment. Our Year 6’s behaved brilliantly and really engaged well in each session. I was very proud of them. 

Friday at Kingswood

We are now all safely home. Our last day comprised of two activities before we had lunch. One of the activities was Bushcraft – Lighting a fire. The children showed great patience using a flint to light their fires. We also had groups abseiling as well as some experiencing the night line activity where the children had to lead each other around an obstacle course! There was a lot of trust , as well as a lot of giggles.

Well done to all the children, many of them learnt new skills from making their beds with a duvet cover to overcoming their fear of heights. A lot of compassion was shown as we saw children helping each other and perseverance as they strove to succeed. Many of the Kingswood Staff commented on the good manners shown by many children, this always make us proud.

Thursday at Kingswood

We have had a full on day with so many activities. The children have enjoyed building a shelter, puzzle games, abseiling, night line and a huge camp fire this evening.

They have worked well together, encouraged one another and many have really impressed us with their determination to overcome fears.

There will be more photos but for now here is a taster of what has been achieved.

Kingswood Residential year 5/6 children

We have arrived and already completed our first activities. All the children are happy and a little wet due to the continuous rain!

Despite the weather we have been very active outside. The children have enjoyed either experiencing the climbing wall, aero ball or taking part in problem solving activities.

We had a lovely dinner this evening before completing a scrap challenge of designing costumes for a catwalk. The children worked in teams, we were really impressed with so many groups who accepted the challenge and created beyond expectations.

River Crossing

Lions class had to cross the river in PE using their balancing and cooperative skills to get their team across. A foot in the ‘water’ meant taking your team back to the ‘river bank’. It was good to see them working together as teams. 

Active Maths

Lions class took their maths out of the classroom today to do a treasure hunt using their knowledge of addition and subtraction to collect letters to make a phrase. Lots of fun and good maths!