North Elmham CEVA
Primary School


Afternoon Tea

Before the break Sheep Class became historians, finding out about changes in the recent past. We interviewed grandparents, neighbours and friends to find out what life was like when they were little. Children came back to school full of information to share and compare with their friends. “My nanny played a game called 5 stones.” “They had to polish their shoes every day before school!” “My grandma ate cold porridge for breakfast!” “They played with Dinky toys and Hornby trains.” “Granny ate rabbit pie and rice pudding.” “They had lots of jobs to do at home and Grandad’s job was to lay the fire.” “Great nanny had polio and stayed in hospital for a long time.”

On the last day of term, Reception children baked a traditional 1940s biscuit recipe and we had a little afternoon tea party. Some of the older children joined us from Lions class and helped serve the tea. We all agreed life is a little easier than it was in our grandparents’ day!