North Elmham CEVA
Primary School



We had great fun this afternoon learning to sculpt clay onto a tree. We have been fascinated by our Enchanted Woods story and we were so excited to create these outside!

Woodland fairy

We received a special letter from our woodland fairy. She had ripped her dress and wondered if we could design and make her a new one! We used different materials to cut, shape and join them! Lots of perseverance and determination shown!

Different materials

We designed, made and tested different materials. We worked in groups to make a bucket suitable to hold water that could help us put out the Great Fire of London. We had great fun testing these!

Tudor Houses

Whilst learning about The Great Fire of London – why the fire spread so quickly and how they put the fire out, we made our own Tudor houses. We created a design criteria and then worked together to fix different parts together.

FONEs Festival Fundraising!

The total raised from the FONEs Family Festival was an incredible £1,537!

A huge thank you to all of the parents, staff and of course our amazing FONEs for supporting the event.

Collective Worship

This week, we focused on going on a journey and told the story of Going on a Bear Hunt. The Year 6 volunteers trusted Andy to keep them safe as he told the story. We talked about our new journey either to high school or our new year groups and how we put our trust in God to look after us and guide us. We also thought about our special memories and all the good things we could take with us.

A huge thank you to Andy Jones for supporting the school this year.

FONEs Bingo

Thank you to all those who supported the Bingo. A brilliant time was had by all & we raised more money for the school.